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Eye See!

Yeppp! I’m back! But just to post another highlight in my life hehe.

Although quite a lot has happened (but I was just to lazy… I meant BUSY to post), I just need to blog about this.

So yesterday morning, I had a cataract surgery for my left eye. Even though I had Philhealth and Maxicare for HMO, I still had to pay cash for the lens. Bummers!

The surgery went well. I was awake the whole time and I can feel the doctor poking and cleaning my eyeballs wahaha.

But even though I was stiffly laying there (I was scared silly, anuber!), the operation went smoothly.

My left eye is still blurry now but once it heals, my eye grade will be about 100 or less instead of 750+ before. Yehey!

Next week, hopefully, we can proceed with the right eye.

And double yehey because the doctor did not cover it up with gauze so I don’t look like a one eyed pirate. Gosh, I’m so vain sometimes (all the time?) hahaha.


See? Looks normal right? Although it’s not obvious here, my eyes remain pretty after surgery. And that’s important! Believe me…
My eyebrows needs trimming, though… wahaha.


How to Eat Beef Tapas from Excelente


Tapas, anyone?

If you’re familiar with Excelente Ham from Quiapo, then chances are you also buy their beef tapas. So, lemme ask you. How do you normally eat one?

You see, my siblings and I enjoy eating the beef and the oil it was fried in. I know, I know. Cholesterol and all that, right? But that’s how we enjoy our tapas.

We fry the tapas in fresh oil so no other flavors will be there except for the beef’s marinade.

Once cooked, we dribble the oil in our rice, mix in some fish sauce and viooola! We now have beef tapa toppings.


Beef and it's oil as toppings

Try it this way and lemme know how it works for you.

Lumpia from Quiapo

When I was a kid, a guy would go around the neighborhood selling yummy fresh lumpia. He lugs around 2 pieces of 3-feet tall aluminum boxes that contains all the ingredients and it converts to a preparation table for the veggie loaded snack he sells.

While he scoops the vegetables in those half moon sized lumpia wrappers, your senses are filled by the garlicky and the crushed peanut scent of the sauce. Yum!

These days, no one sells fresh lumpia in the streets. When I want one, I had to find a restaurant that offers one.

That’s until my father introduced me to Globe Lumpia in Quiapo. One taste and I’m hooked.


Fresh veggie rolls

The store is found at the ground floor of the Globe building in Quiapo. You know that overpass right after Raon, going to Quiapo church? That building beside it is the Globe building.

That’s where you can buy fresh lumpia for PhP 18.00 per piece. They used to have a set up for dine ins but now, we can only buy to go.

Don’t worry. If you get lost, just ask the vendors where you can buy Globe lumpia. That tiny store is very well known.

Commute to Resorts World Manila

As soon as I heard that the Masterchef Asia 2015 tv show will be launched at the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, my immediate concern is how do I go there.

Thanks to Google, I was able to get ideas on how to commute from Sta. Cruz, Manila, without (hopefully) slashing my wallet for taxi fares.

A commuter, apparently, has the following options:

1. Free Shuttle Service – Resorts World Manila offers free shuttle to and from RW. That is, if you are a member.

Of course, membership is for free. All you need to do is sign up online.

The downside? You still need to get your actual membership ID first and the free voucher before you can get your free ride. They’ll ask you to present it, believe me!


So for newly signed up members, forget option numero uno. For more information on inbound or outbound schedules and stations, check RW’s website.

2. Trains & Airport Shuttles – Ride LRT 1 or MRT going to EDSA Station then ride the airport shuttle for PhP 20 per head.

This is the option I chose. I was successful in riding the LRT to EDSA. From there, I passed thru the overhead walkway towards this specific hotel as instructed in the posted sign in LRT. Shuttle was supposed to be parked in front of the hotel.

Since I was able to see said hotel from the train’s exit point, I was already thinking: Yes! Cheap transpo cost today…yahooooo!

I celebrated too soon!

No shuttle is able to park along that area in Taft Avenue, corner EDSA. Tents were set up and vendors selling stuff like slippers, boxer shorts and even gadgets have displayed their wares.

So I asked around and was pointed to go near McDonald’s to find the parking area for airport shuttles. There, manong barker discouraged me from taking the shuttle and offered to get me a taxi who’ll transport me to RW for PhP 350.

I dunno how I managed to just say “No, thank you!” instead of pointing out that for less than that amount, I could have taken a cab from home.

So, I just walked back to the entrance of the garage-slash-bus and shuttle station to get a cab myself. However, two more kuyas are hailing taxis for a few tips from both the drivers and passengers. At least they’re not forcing passengers to pay a ridiculous contracted rate, right?

Long story cut short, the metered rate costs PhP 80, excluding the PhP 20 tip I gave to one of the kuyas. It’s unfortunate that I had no coins for tip 😑.

Now, my only problem is commuting back home later. I figured I can get that free shuttle ride from RW since I was already able to collect my new membership ID and voucher.

But since I was accompanied by a non-member, I specifically inquired at the registration area how my companion can ride for free. I was assured that a minimum of PhP 200 purchase in the mall will do and I just need to present the OR.

Relieved that splurging on our Shabu Shabu lunch earlier meant I’ll be able to save about PhP 200 on taxi fares, I walked from the mall towards the steel garage in front of Marriot Hotel. Only to find out that registration guy gave me wrong information about presenting the OR.

Apparently, No Membership ID, No Ride! Even after explaining that I even inquired first and wouldn’t have bothered walking to the car park if I was not assured that my companion can ride the shuttle with that OR.


My First Attempt

You do know how I love to read, right? Particularly romance novels? Well back in 2004 (or 2005?), I tried writing a short romance. For a change hehehe.

But it’s only tonight that I’ve decided to share the story online thru Wattpad.


My obra 😉

The storyline is not that complicated. It’s all about loving and second chances. If the bug hits me again, I may just make this a full romance novel. Seriously. Hehe.

Soooo… Are you curious about it yet? If yes, then you should read “After The Twilight” on Wattpad.

Tikoy Kayo Diyan

Filipinos look forward to Chinese New Year (CNY) not because they celebrate it the way our Filipino-Chinese friends do. Well, personally, I look forward to CNY because I receive tikoy from my friends hehehe.


White and Brown Sugar flavors

Tikoy (Nian gao in Chinese or Ti Kuih as Malaysians call it) is a glutinous rice cake, which comes not just in brown and white sugar flavors but also in local Filipino flavors such as ube (yam), pandan and sweet corn.


White sugar & ube flavors

Jopman Corporation also gives out this sticky yummies to its staff every year. Sometimes, our Filipino-Chinese staff also gives out this sweet treat to their friends & officemates.

Before going to Malaysia, I gave my tikoy to mama so she can cook it for us. So while packing my things for the trip, she sent me a cooked tikoy to snack on and I was surprised to see it fried in a lumpia wrapper.

I was used to eating this sweet delight, fried and coated with scrambled egg. So seeing it wrapped like that made me pause for a moment. But after first bite? Daiyummm! Raaaapsaaaaa!


This ti kuih looks like spring rolls

Thank goodness for my adventurous palate ’cause I’m always game to try new food or cuisine hehehe.

Anywho, because of my mom’s experiment, (and after tasting that the tikoy we received is not too sweet and would be a perfect pasalubong for tita Mayet) she also bought 3 tikoys, all with different flavors for me to bring to Malaysia. Of course, she also bought wrappers so she can share this new way of frying with tita.


Malaysian cooked ti kuih

However, when both mama & tita finally got to talk about cooking it, we learned that Malaysians already fry them with wrappers.


Malaysian Way: Yam on the left and sweet potato on the right while the tikoy melts in between

Moreover, the locals even sandwich tikoys in between sweet potatoes and ube (yam), before wrapping and frying it.


Buttered yam and sweet potato mix


Wrapped ti kuih

Tita Mayet, meantime mashes both the sweet potatoes and ube with butter, before wrapping and frying. Afterwards, the insides look like this:


Tita Mayet's version of Ti Kuih

One noticeable thing about the Philippines and Malaysian made sweetness is that the ti kuih oozes out of the wrapper while still hot. Although tikoys gets soft while hot, it does not take a liquid form.

You ask how I know this? That’s ’cause I burned my fingers eating a fresh from the frying pan ti kuih. Ouchies! #

Roti Canai Preparation

Went back yesterday to that Indian Restaurant a block away for my roti fix.

As usual, I ordered both roti bom and roti kosong for myself. Then my aunt and I just shared mee goreng or the spicy pancit. Yum!

However, instead of just snapping a picture of the roti’s preparation, I took a video instead.

The first video shows how roti with egg and roti kosong (plain one) is made. The second one shows how roti bom is cooked with butter and condensed milk.

Have a look…


I wonder if I can still eat this kind of roti in Manila, without putting a big dent on my wallet? #