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Eye See!

Yeppp! I’m back! But just to post another highlight in my life hehe.

Although quite a lot has happened (but I was just to lazy… I meant BUSY to post), I just need to blog about this.

So yesterday morning, I had a cataract surgery for my left eye. Even though I had Philhealth and Maxicare for HMO, I still had to pay cash for the lens. Bummers!

The surgery went well. I was awake the whole time and I can feel the doctor poking and cleaning my eyeballs wahaha.

But even though I was stiffly laying there (I was scared silly, anuber!), the operation went smoothly.

My left eye is still blurry now but once it heals, my eye grade will be about 100 or less instead of 750+ before. Yehey!

Next week, hopefully, we can proceed with the right eye.

And double yehey because the doctor did not cover it up with gauze so I don’t look like a one eyed pirate. Gosh, I’m so vain sometimes (all the time?) hahaha.


See? Looks normal right? Although it’s not obvious here, my eyes remain pretty after surgery. And that’s important! Believe me…
My eyebrows needs trimming, though… wahaha.


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